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Declaration number: 55

1. Name and identification code: defined from the outside to the inside:

Total composition thickness 12 mm, and with a weight of 25 kg./m2

2. Name or registered trademark and contact address of the manufacturer or importer or distributor:SECURCID

3. Expected use:

SECURCID thermally tempered glass EN-12150-2 y/o with HEAT SOAK TEST EN-14179-2 for use in building and construction work.

4. System of evaluation and verification of the constancy of benefits:

System 3

5. Notified organism:

-> Kiwa /D Notified body NB 1032

-> LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER, SA/ Applus /E Notified body NB 0370

-> Tecnalia /E Notified body NB 1292

6. Declared benefits:

SECURCID thermally tempered glass EN-12150-2 y/o with HEAT SOAK TEST EN-14179-2


% Ray UVA transmission 52,00%

% Light transmission 88,00%

% Exterior light reflection 8,00%

% Interior light reflection 8,00%

% Color rendering index 98,00%

% Direct solar transmission 78,00%

% Direct sunlight reflection outside 7,00%

% Indoor direct solar reflection 7,00%

% Direct solar absorption 16,00%

% Secondary heat transfer factor NPD

% Total transmission solar energy SUN FACTORY 81,00%

Outdoor fire performance 0,00

Bullet resistance (EN 1063) 5,60

Fire resistance (EN 13501-2) NPD

Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) A1

Outdoor fire performance NPD

Bullet resistance (EN 1063) NPD

Explosion resistance (EN 13541) NPD

Burglary resistance (EN 356). Anti aggression NPD

Pendulum body impact resistance (EN12600 1C1

Mechanical resistance to temperature changes EN572-1 200K

Mechanical resistance to wind and snow loads EN14449 10

Acoustic attenuation to airborne noise dir.(EN 12758) 33 (-2,-3)

Normal emissivity (EN 12898) .84

The performances of the product identified in point 1 are in accordance with those declared in point 6. This declaration of performance is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer indicated in point 2.