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Our Padel-court’s have panoramic glass walls which allow maximum visibility of the game for the enjoyment of both players and the public, while maintaining the solidity and safety of the glazed area.



We collaborate with Led Projects market leader and official supplier of

World Padel Tour, since 2015.

Led lighting according to options. Straight or broken bags at 6 meters

height. We count with a variety of options and light models.



Highest quality of glass in the market: Glasses of 12mm., 3 x 2m.

Neoprene and glass hardware.





Lightweight upper and lower structure for fixing mesh on glass. Maximum

visibility. No profiles between glasses. 18 modules of 2000 x 1000mm of

electrosolded mesh of 50 x 50 x 4mm.




Top quality artificial grass mondo, market leader and official supplier of

World Padel Tour, or pg5 Blue Curly Grass. We will assess you in which of

the models is the most suitable for your club.


We customize your court depending on the size of your sports club or playing area